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"A Family Event for Young and Old Alike!"
47th annual Vail 'King of the Mountain' Open - Father's Day Weekend - June 14-16, 2018

Entry Forms
The King of the Mountain has offered two ways to pre-register for the event. Teams can submit printed entry data to the registrar and mail in a check or money order, or teams can enter on-line using a credit card.
Credit card entry processing is handled by a third party administrator, A small, additional fee is charged for this service. This fee is based on division and is displayed at the bottom of the entry form.This fee is based on division and is displayed at the bottom of the entry form.
Advantages of using your credit card:íŽ
spc- less chance of your entry getting lost or delayed in the mail;íŽ
spc- credit card entries process immediately = better chance of getting into a limited division;íŽ
spc- it saves many players from using an overnight service at an average cost of $15.
Entry Forms
spcThe Event begins on Friday June 15.
Print and Mail payment (ends June 6):
- Not Available
Register Online (ends June 12):
- Not Available (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
On site registration will be accepted, space available - $80 per team for single-day divisions; $100 for multi-day divisions. No same day registration for Open or Father child divisions - on site registration closes Saturday.
**We will never sell your contact information; however, we may share your email address with our direct sponsor and lodging vendors.**

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